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The cultural facilities of Ise Jingu consist of four sections; the Jingu Chokokan Museum, or Jingu History Museum, the Jingu Nogyokan Museum, or Jingu Museum of Agriculture, the Jingu Bijutsukan Museum, or Jingu Museum of Fine Arts, and the Jingu Bunko, or Jingu Library. They are located at the small hill of Mt. Kurata at the middle point from Naiku to Geku. More information is available about Ise Jingu through these facilities. You are sincerely welcome there when you visit Jingu.

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1 The Jingu History Museum
3 The Jingu Museum of Fine Arts
2 The Jingu Museum of Agriculture
4 The Jingu Library
Transportation From the Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station or from the JR Ise-shi Station, you are advised to get on the bus to Naiku and Geku, getting off at the Chokokan-mae stop. From there it is a 3 minute walk.
If you use "CAN bus", you are advised to get off at the Chokokan-mae stop. From there it is a 1 minute walk.
5 minutes by taxi from the Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station. Via Ise motorway, you can reach here within 3 minutes from Ise Interchange.

Admission Fees
Fees for the Jingu History Museum (JHM), the Jingu Museum of Agriculture (JMA) , and the Jingu Museum of Fine Arts (JMFA) are as follows.
Individual Group
(>30 persons)
(>100 persons)
For three facilities A ¥700 ¥600 ¥500
B 400 300 250
C 250 200 150
For JHM & JMA A 300 240 210
B 150 120 110
C 100 80 70
For JMFA A 500 450 400
B 300 250 200
C 200 150 120
A: Adults / B: Students/ Senior High School students
C: Pupils in Elementary and Junior High School
* l The fee for JMFA is different for special exhibitions. Information available at the JMFA office.