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Name of the kami:
The aramitama spirit
of Amaterasu Omikami:
Ancient Japanese believed that the kami had various aspects. Most wellknown are the peaceful aspect of nigimitama, and the energetic aspect of aramitama.
The Aramatsuri-no-miya is the sanctuary enshrining aramitama spirit of Amaterasu Omikami. This sanctuary is paired with the main sanctuary at the Naiku, where the nigimitama spirit of Amaterasu Omikami is enshrined. Therefore, the rituals at the main sanctuary are always followed by similar rituals at the Aramatsuri-no-miya, and an Imperial envoy participates in both ceremonies.

The site:
Within the area of the Naiku
The Aramatsuri-no-miya is located at about 50 m north of the main sanctuary.